With Everbridge we are able to have citizens register via an opt-in portal. They can enter information such as cell number, home number, work email, personal email and much more. What is more impressive is they can enter their address – such as work and home – this way when we target specific areas, people who provided their addresses will get notified.
Sue Cooper, Operations Manager, Northwest Central Dispatch System
As the largest health care provider in the valley, it is imperative that we are prepared and able to communicate with our employees in the event of an emergency or disaster. The Everbridge emergency notification system is vital to the hospital's planning strategy and helps us facilitate the best care for our patients and prepare for disasters.
Edward Mirzabegian, Chief Executive Officer, Antelope Valley Hospital
With Everbridge, the City of Torrance is able to communicate to various city departments, surrounding cities, media personnel, private organizations and residents. Communication is instantaneous, across multiple contact paths and based on geo-coded locations, as well as pre-configured groups. The city has also had success using Everbridge to create an engaged community establishing two-way dialog between residents and local government especially in the wake of the ExxonMobil Oil Refinery explosions.
Soraya Sutherlin, Emergency Services Manager, City of Torrance
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